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Jet ski & Jet ski Safari
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Welcome to Water Club Paradise Beach, the ultimate destination for water activities in beautiful Kos! We are proud to offer a unique experience to sea and adventure lovers.

At Water Club Paradise Beach, we specialize in water activities, with an emphasis on jet skis and jet ski safari tours. If you are looking for an activity full of adrenaline and speed, jet skiing is the ideal choice for you.

Let us get your adrenaline pumping with our powerful and fast jet skis. You will feel the freedom and the sense of speed as you cross the deep blue waters of the Aegean. Our experienced instructors will provide you with comprehensive training to feel comfortable and safe in control of the jet ski.

In addition, we also offer unique jet ski safari tours. Discover with us the hidden places and enchanting corners of Kos, exploring the beautiful coasts and turquoise waters. You will enjoy a unique experience during our excursion, in the company of our expert guides who know the area very well.


At Water Club Paradise Beach, your safety and enjoyment is always our priority. All of our jet skis are modern and well maintained, ensuring that you will enjoy a safe and memorable experience.

Come to Water Club Paradise Beach and enjoy the feeling of freedom, speed and adventure with our jet skis and excursions. We are here to offer you a unique experience on the water that will be unforgettable.